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2013 DREADZONE Winners


This was the only group that completed the DREADZONE challenge in 2013.

18 Years and Older Only!  You must sign a waiver to enter.


 Please remember to bring your ID!


The DREADZONE is an intense section of the haunt.  You must be eighteen years old to particpate and you must sign a waiver to enter.  There is no additional fee for DREADZONE admission.  If you choose to participate in only the DREADZONE and not the trail, the admission is the same price. The DREAZONE is located at the end of the trail.  This is the full senosry part of  DREADLAND.  You will be touched and potentially restrained.  The DREADZONE is an intense bring you to your knees scare.



1.  No talking.  If you talk your time in the DREADZONE will end.

2.  No touching or access to room contents until advised by DREADZONE Warden.

3.  Your safe word will be "DREADLAND"

4.  You do not get to choose who completes the challenge with you.  The Warden and his staff will decide.

5.  The DREADZONE challenge is a timed event.  You will have a limited amount of time to complete the challenge.

6.  Each patricipant will be assigned a task by the Warden prior to the start of the challenge.


The DREADZONE challenge changes every year.


Each group who completes the DREADZONE challenge will receive $5 of their admission in refund for each member of the group.


What is the DREADZONE

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